McGregor and Mayweather Training, Getting ready for the blockbuster PPV boxing fight 2017

McGregor and Mayweather Traning

There has been lots of chatter recently in the world of combat sports about the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Initially, the talk of the fight seemed just that, talk. However, fan interest and apparent buy-in from Mayweather made it realistic. There’s no question on who the fighters are; McGregor is a MixedMartial Artist and Mayweather is a professional boxer. The question her is who wins the fight?  Only time will reveal the answer to that question. Until then, we take a look at some of the training routine they have both been going through ahead of the Las Vegas clash


Mayweather Training

Mayweather started his training officially for the Las vegas fight late june on a Wednesday at the ten Goose boxing Temple In Los Angeles which lasted for 4hours.

The Floyd Mayweather training routine ahead of the match is only for the brave and hardworking ones and not for the fainthearted, Mayweather training strategy has been with extreme caution.

We have gathered the following workout from mainly watching Floyd’s training videos on YouTube and open sessions in preparation for the Las Vegas clash against McGregor, to give you a taste of the unbelievable work ethic this man has.

Firstly Mayweather hasn’t been training traditionally like an average boxer with the three minute rounds separated by a break ahead of the clash.

Floyd has been engaging in rigorous training to prepare him for his 50-0.Floyd will often go with no timer and just punch until it is time to move on to the next exercise

The Equipment been used by floyd for his training include 3, 5 and 8 pound hand weights, Skipping Rope, Ankle Weights, Neck Harness, Abs-roll wheel, Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Heavy bag, Body Pad, Hand Pads and Speed Bag.

Mayweather Traning Photos for fight against McGregor



Mayweather training takes up to 40 rounds with road works and other fitness before starting training proper.

Rounds 1-3: Shadow Boxing; Starting off in the Floyd Mayweather training routine, he goes for three rounds of shadow boxing, practicing footwork, practicing punching, movement, stance, speed and technique. He does this for about 10minutes to get himself warmed up

Rounds 3-7: Next up in the Floyd Mayweather training routine – Floyd spends ten or fifteen minutes hitting hand pads. When Mayweathers is doing this you don’t hear numbers being called out.

Rounds 8-10: Floyd makes use of the body pads to practice his short jabs, right hands, his hooks and his uppercuts for about 10minutes to give him strength on the back foot.

Round 11-14: “Money” then heads over to his heavy bag which is 160 pounds and he will practice combinations on this for approximately 12-15 minutes.

Rounds 15-18: At this point around halfway through the Floyd Mayweather training routine – Mayweather will work on combination of slips and weaves in silence for 10-15 minutes.

Rounds 19-21: At this point Mayweather will train with the body pad again.

Rounds 22-23: Floyd then moves over to the Heavy bag for some hardcore endurance work. He practices his combined moves here. .

Rounds 24-26: Floyd will train with hand pads again here, in an undisturbed rhythm that is the envy of boxers and trainers the world over. He practices speed and not power with Roger at this point.

Rounds 27-29: Floyd Mayweather will now usually continue his training by removing his gloves and heading over to the speed bag.

Round 30-31: Mayweather then grabs the jump rope and spend three rounds skipping.

Round 32: He then strap on some 3 or 5 pound weights of weighted jump ropes to his ankles and get to skipping again.

Rounds 33-35: Floyd has been alternating between 8, 5 and 3 pound weights for his weighted shadow boxing. He does 1-2’s, alternating shoulder press.

Rounds 36-37: Here he engages in 50 Abs roll-outs then 200 Sit-ups.

Rounds 38-39:   Here he Attaches the neck harness and do up and down neck raises. He will do these for 50 times, then he take a break.

Mayweather now moves into the sparring technique where he employs all he has done into sparring.

Finally he finishes up Finishing with three sets of fifty push-ups to finish.

Also Early July Floyd Mayweather visited the Ice Age where he started taking part in Bikram Yoga and Cryotherapy.

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Conor McGregor training

McGregor is currently deep into his training camp in Ireland. Head coach John Kavanagh is overseeing his daily work along with striking guru Owen Roddy executing the strategy for the fight with Mayweather.

Ahead of the clash the first step Conor McGregor took was putting up a vast mural painted on the wall of his Dublin gym depicting a knockout victory over Floyd Mayweather.

Mcgregor training for Mayweather fight


McGregor reveals his unusual routine in the build up to Las vegas clash .The UFC champion told interviewers that although he is training hard he does not have a set routine. Sometimes he trains in the middle of the night all on his own or with the employed striker brought by his coach.

John Kavanagh has decide to keep Conor’s training secretive as he fails to reveal his routine but we gathered some from the videos of McGregor’s videos on instagram and youtube.

McGregor has shifted his training focus strictly to suite the boxing style as Kavanagh (coach) in Owen roddy to help with the training

His trainings include cycling, Rowling, skipping and sparring

Conor McGregor has been a huge advocate for movement based training has he has revealed In many interviews , Conor McGregor has revealed that movement is what he really is passionate about, and that fighting is merely an expression of his movement capability.

After series of jogging he starts with exercise which include

He does this Lizard walk to improve the coordination, mobility and strength of his entire body most especially the upper body to make him stand the test of his fist.

He then move into the muscle up and Movement Based Abs Work which includes the Shoulder Stand Leg Lift, head stand lift and one leg stand lift to provide balance

After the exercise he then engages in skipping Rowling and sparring.

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Will the rule favor McGregor, will Mayweather be at advantage.


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