McGregor VS Mayweather fight Press Conference, watch online

Mayweather Mcgregor Press Conference online

Both Floyd and Conor have started their four countries tour to LOS ANGELES,TORONTO,BROKLYN AND LONDON , for conference. A lot have been said by both Fighters in anticipation of the fight.

Here is a bit of what they have both said.

Floyd MayweatherJr;

In the principal stop of a four-city media visit advancing the battle, he told the 20,000-in number jam in Los Angeles: “I couldn’t care less if it’s a ring or it’s an octagon, I will kick ass. I don’t down for anyone. “You line them up and I will thump them down. On August 26, I’m going to thump this bout as well.”

McGregor answered: “You haven’t thumped anybody out in around 20 years.”

Mayweather included: “We discussing from the nineties to now, best on the planet 18 years, yet it is no issue. I’m not an indistinguishable contender from I was years prior, yet I sufficiently motivated to beat you. “You will wave that white banner” You should simply show up and I will do the rest.

“God just made one thing impeccable, and that is my boxing record.”

Conor McGregor also said at an opening press occasion where he ridiculed Floyd saying; “He’s in a track suit,” McGregor told the horde of more than 11,000 individuals. “He can’t bear the cost of a suit any longer.”

“I am regarded to be here, to give you this scene,” McGregor said. “His little legs, his little center, his little head, I will thump him out inside four rounds, stamp my words.”I am a youthful, certain, cheerful man that has worked to a great degree hard for this. “I am simply up here grasping everything. Nobody can do anything to me. I am simply having fun and having a decent time. “He will be obviousness in four rounds. He has never confronted this. I don’t fear him. “Every one of these standards, every one of these confinements, it doesn’t upset me; it interests me. It is clever to me every one of these guidelines. “All I require is a gum shield. Line me up to the ring and I am ready.”

Los Angeles Press Conference


London Press Conference


Toronto Press Conference

Brooklyn Press Conference

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