McGregor VS Mayweather Fight Tickets, How to buy online

McGregor VS Mayweather Fight Tickets

The most anticipated and biggest fight in combat sports and martial Art history between Former five-weight world champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC lightweight king Conor McGregor is tagged to be a mega-money boxing match.

The multi-million dollar contest, which was first mooted 2016, was announced 2017. McGregor vs Mayweather is without a doubt the biggest fight of the last decade, making it a fight that must not be missed.

The fight will take place at the 20,000 capacity T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on 26th August.

Fight lovers across the globe will try their best to get to the location because it’s a fight that will surely make history.

The tickets for the fight are currently on sale at Resale site Viagogo who are currently selling tickets for between £1,918 and an incredible £25,520.(The upper tier – furthest away from the ring – are going for a minimum of £2,000, while those on the floor are up for sale for more than £30,000.)

And for Fans who will miss the boat of getting directly they can be able to get their hands on tickets via reputable third party ticket websites like

However, those tickets will more than likely cost double or even treble their original price.

Then if you miss out on Getting the tickets then watch on for $99.5 for HD and $89.5 for standard display.

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